By: pattihenderson

Oct 13 2011



Thank you for visiting Vagabond Photography!  I’m Patti Henderson, the vagabond in this story.  I am a tall-ish red head, a long-suffering Toronto Maple Leafs fan and a very proud Canadian!

I often find myself travelling and when I do, I never leave my trusty camera behind.  Photography for me is a fantastic creative, cathartic adventure. It also is a fabulous way to capture a moment in time to be enjoyed ever after.  In this site you will find not only my snaps taken along the way in the Gallery, but also the stories that accompany them in my Blog (updated weekly), on Tumblr (updated daily…well, most days :)), and on my Facebook fan page. You can also follow my adventures on Twitter if you like, or if you love all things iPhone and Instagram, please check out my funky, on-the-fly snaps here too.

If you wish to reach me, please leave a comment below. I’d be happy to hear from you!

Thanks for coming along for the ride!

6 Responses to “About”

  1. What a great website! And so many wonderful images, many evoking feelings and nostalgia for rural and small town Canada.

  2. Ah Margot, so glad to see you here! Thanks for your kind comments!

  3. I love the website design! Especially the menu around the lens. Very clever.
    How do you do those neat effects to frame your snaps from the iphone? Is that a cool Apple thing about which I am clueless?

  4. Sarah, I’m glad you like the new website. Jimmy Guy did a great job and it is clever! As for the recent iPhone snaps, I used an iPhone app called Phototoaster to get the effects of weathering. This app works for an iPhone and the iPad. Have a great Christmas down your way!

  5. Hi! I would like to use one of your photos (atlas on rockefeller plaza) as a picture on my facebook profile. Is that ok with you?

  6. Hi Patrik – thanks for visiting! And thanks for asking about the photo. You bet, as long as you attribute it to vagabond photography. Have a great day!

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