“Anything’s Possible if You Try” – Terry Fox

By: pattihenderson

Sep 17 2017

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Category: Weekend Adventures


Aperture: f/10
Focal Length: 40mm
ISO: 200
Shutter: 1/500 sec
Camera: PEN-F

I just returned from my third Terry Fox Hometown Run in lovely Port Coquitlam, the birthplace of Terry Fox. This is an event that is near and very dear to my heart as Terry Fox has been, and always will be, my hero. He selflessly attempted a run across Canada to raise awareness and funds for cancer research even as he was dying of this horrid disease as he ran. He ran anyways. It is also near and dear to my heart because, not unlike many, cancer has touched close to home. My sister Jen thankfully fought breast cancer and won. My dear Dad fought and succumbed to lung cancer. Too many relatives and friends have battled with this merciless disease and by participating and raising funds, I hope to give something back for Terry’s effort. He deserves our participation in any way we can so that his run was not in vain.

This year’s run was not unlike others. I started early before the crowds as the 10 km’s are emotional ones. I walked (fast) rather than run. And I reflected on the dear ones I miss. Yet this year’s run was, thankfully, so much different from last year’s. I finished my walk long before the official run began walking a very fast hour and a half. I could have walked it again! Last year I barely squeaked in 5 km’s. It was an effort just to start the walk. But I managed it just the same. I was struggling with the terror that comes with a tumour diagnosis, and the run for me came mere days after surgery to remove a very large tumour from my uterus. My stride that day resembled those old black and white mummy movies, the mummy dragging one leg behind. At the 5 km turnaround, I did just that for the first time. Everything hurt. Truthfully, I was just plain scared. I would have to wait three more days for the surgeon to declare my tumour benign, a call that left me a (gratefully) sobbing mess on my kitchen floor, exhausted but so amazingly relieved.

I participated last year out of a very deep hope that everything would be ok. And luckily for me it was. The year that followed was a year filled with gratitude that I had been given a second chance. I have not wasted it. I promised myself I would get healthy. That I would find something each day to be grateful for and honestly, ┬áit wasn’t hard. Life is an amazing gift!

Terry Fox has given us this special gift of hope that someday, some way, cancer can finally be beaten. Until that day I will continue to participate in the Terry Fox Run. I will live each day with the understanding this day is a gift to be treasured. Thank you Terry for helping me believe that “Anything’s possible if you try.”

If you would like to help support Terry’s Marathon of Hope, please consider sponsoring my run today here. I will be eternally grateful!